Waking up to the sunrise in Della is a gorgeous and delightful experience. Relaxing atmosphere, weather & scenery makes it all the more memorable. Wonderful hospitality, Staff & Management deserves a special mention for being so courteous & forthcoming. It’s a privilege to be a villa owner in Della, it’s made it even more worthwhile during these covid lockdowns . Every stay of ours at Della leaves us with lot of memories to cherish. Happy times come and go, but memories stays forever.

-Harish Chandan, Villa No.46

A stay at Della Villas is literally a serene bliss! As compared to any other villa in Lonavala which has a deserted look during weekdays, Della villas is always full of life, and is undoubtedly a safe and secured atmosphere backed by 24 hours of uninterrupted electricity and water supply. The perks of the several facilities and comfort that one has dreamt of is literally there at Della villas! We purchased a raw villa in 2018, the interiors were beautifully done by Jimmy Mistry who made it look nothing less than our first home. And of course what we can’t forget to mention is the after sales and service, and for that Sinaiya and her team is always very helpful and have met all our expectations. Every promise made at the time of buying the villa has been true to its word even as on date.

-Kamlesh Daftary ,Dipti and Bhoomi Villa 78

I always knew a small farm girl lives inside of me. My farmhouse experience at Lonavala will keep me coming back for more! Checked in forever***Our home in the clouds...'Amber' A dream come true for us. Lost in our haven in tranquil and serene nature surrounded by mountains

-Rakhee Gandhi Villa 35

We bought the villa in 2013 and have been very happy with our tastefully made villa. Since the villa is inside the resort, it's extremely well maintained on the inside as well as on the outside. One need not worry about their gardening needs as well. The fact that one can have their own villa with full privacy with an access to the resort's in-room dining as well as a 24 hours' cafe at a walking distance has been a boon to us. Also, any kind repairing and maintenance issues are resolved within 30 mins. It's a perfect investment for a luxurious leisure holiday home!

-Rushit Vakil Villa 25

Retiring back home after the long weekend is only possible in Della Villas with its royal dealing and comfortable environs. The weekends have never been so rejuvenating elsewhere.

-Mr. Anil Goel - Villa No. 9 & 10

I really love the perfect blend of nature & modern living at this enchanting place. Della Villas. An architectural masterpiece, it flaunts a beautiful panoramic view of nature in the most luxurious edifice. It's a dream weekend home.

-Mrs. Hilloo Jami Jambursawala - Villa No. 2

Under the influence of all the chaotic city life, Della Villas comes as a pheasant stress buster. The serene and tranquil living experience comes as a reliever after an extremely tiring week. My family has aptly named it the 'Nature's villa'.

-Mr. Laxman Popli Jewellers - Villa No. 7